Saturday, January 17, 2015

Quiet As a Mouse!

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Why is the Homosexual Lobby or GLAD silent as a mouse on this issue? You'd think they'd be raising a stink about how their compatriots are being treated in Islamic dominated countries. But, nay, not a word.

I'll tell you why. GLAD is silent because they are terrified......

You see, it's much easier for them to harass a Christian bakery into baking a same sex wedding cake, or a Christian wedding parlor to host a same sex wedding. It's so much easier taking Christians to court and having them fined, imprisoned, or forcing them shut their business down.

It's all about bloodless conquest. This is so much easier (and SAFER) to do than to confront folks who'd put a "fatwah" (an Islamic contract to kill you because you have offended Allah...) on you, or slaughter you where you stand.

Like I always say "Bullies are very selective with whom they bully." They wouldn't want to get themselves killed in the process........

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Freed From Gitmo!

Please click and read the following link. Warning, it will make your blood boil.......

Has Obama no shame? Why did he release these prisoners just one week after the  "Charlie Hebdo" attack in Paris? The same reason why he didn't show for the Paris March with 40 world leaders. Because he couldn't give a rip!

You see, these terrorists are Obama's peeps. He wants them to get right back into the thick of things and perhaps cause more incidents like what happened in Paris right here in the United States and possibly in large cities like New York, Dallas, Boston, etc.

This is all part of Obama's plan to cause utter chaos in the Untied States so that he must declare martial law. Remember he's got a number pots brewing.

1. America's continued financial instability on the world market and increased debt.  2. Increased and prolonged joblessness for American citizens (especially Blacks and minorities). 3. High Black on White racial tensions, unrest, protests and crimes. 4. Unpresidented hatred against and assainations of law enforcement officers. 5. Illegals flooding the border and sucking up all of our resources. 6. The Ebola virus raising its ugly head.

Add the release of prisoners from Gitmo and we have the potential for a nationsl nuclear melt down without the nuclear fission.

Sadly, this Gitmo thing could've been solved long ago by military excecution. Then we would no longer have the parasites returning to bite us on our rear......

Why Was Obama Elected, Again???

Obama got into office again because of two things.

One, the majority of my people, the Black race and other minorities were fooled into thinking that since he was Black, he was going to be their Great BLACK Hope.

Like that picture of the poor old horse chasing the carrot that hangs only inches from his nose. All Obama did was dangle the promise of government sponsored freebies before them and they jumped for it, not realizing or in some cases not caring that they being strung along, being used and abused. And of course, Obama has had many a good laugh because Americans are stupid and ignorant. Sadly, a large majority are.....

The second reason Obama was elected was because he is a Manchurian President. He was bought and paid for by none other than multi-billionare George Soros, a former Nazi concentration camp soldier who still claims that working in the concentration camp was the most enjoyable job he ever had.......

Soros' intent? The total and irrevocable destruction of this what was once a great nation. For the life of me I don't understand why this evil incarnate man is not behind bars for past Nazi war crimes, or dead. But, that judgment up to God. Perhaps He is paying out extra rope....

Please read the book of Esther in the bible to understand what I mean. Someone was hung on the gallows they'd built for someone else ......

I didn't mention a third point but this last one was a doozy. There was also a great deal of voter fraud. With email voting and in some places a person no longer needed identification to vote, people voted multiple times, people were paid to vote, dead people mysteriously rose from the dead to vote, felons voted, everyone voted except registered Republicans and Conservatives. If they did, their votes were tampered with or discounted. And the military vote? That was a hot mess....

Now that I look back at it, I see that there is pure wickedness afoot which wants to utterly and completely destroy The United States of America. I have no choice but to throw in my lot and fight to save her.

Though I am Black, it's not a Black thing or a White thing. It's not a Womens Lib thing, its not about being rich or poor. Its about being an American who loves her country the way it used to be, not what she has become.

Bye the way, you can read more about George Soros here:

Friday, December 19, 2014

Never Curse A Cop

I've always said: "Never curse a cop because you never know when you're gonna need one."

Unfortunately, today with both the Micheal Brown and Eric Gardner grand jury decisions, you have rabid, radical, beasts calling for the death of cops.

It may be trendy to shout "What do we want? Dead cops! What do we want? Dead cops now!  But, I believe most of these jackwagons don't realize how essential local law enforcement authorities are to their everyday lives.

I will attempt to list some duties that most civilians don't even realize the police do. Aside from the major crimes that are only depicted in movies and TV shows, I mean

Suppose your fifteen year old daughter or son went to school today and has not retuned after school activities ended. Who do you call to track them down?

Your elderly, spinster Aunt Sage calls you every afternoon three like clockwork. You haven't heard from her in two days. Who do you call to do a wellness check?

A suspicious odor is coming from the apartment next door. Who do you call?

A friend or family member is suicidal and called to tell you that they're going to end it all. Whom do you call?

You went out to dinner with friends, and your purse was stolen. Who do you call to report it?

You're ready to go to work, and step outside to unlock your car and discover it's missing. Who do you call to find out if it is towed or report it stolen?

You get into a vehicle accident. Who do you call to report it?

You either lose your wallet, credit cards, identification, passport, cellphone, i-pad, laptop, etc. Who do you report that to?

You go out with friends to a bar. A verbal dispute with a stranger turns into a physical altercation and you get your butt handed to you. Who do your friends call?

You lose your vehicle license plate or plates. Who do you call? Note: In New York State all vehicles are required to have two plates, except motorcycles.

Your home is burglarized. Who do you call?

An elderly man or woman is found wandering the street with no identification and is confused. Who do you call?

You own a store and your security personnel caught someone shoplifting. Who do you call?

You own a residential building and someone drew a gang tag (graffitti) covering the entire front wall. Who do you call?

You have a twenty-four hour driveway and some one has parked there illegally. Who do you call?

If you are involved in a pedestrian accident, or have a stroke or heart attack in public, the police arrive FIRST to assess the situation.

A family member/friend is emotionally disturbed, off their meds, and must be hospitalized. Who do you call?

Someone left a child or pet locked in a hot car. Who do you call?

There is a power outage in your apartment complex. 250 apartments are affected and people are trapped in the elevators. Who do you call?

Did you know that police are used as crowd control for block parties, street fairs, parades and demonstrations?

If you need an order of protection served, who do you need to escort you?

There are domestic violence issues in the home. Who does one call?

Last but not least, when a family member, friend or associate dies, the police must be called to make a formal report ( the Medical Examiner will determine it was natural causes ) and only then can the remains be released to the funeral home.

As mentioned previously, this is only a very short list of what cops do behind the scenes that many don't know about.

Hey, that sounds a lot like community service, you protest. Er, yeah, that's what "serving and protecting" is all about. It's NOT all bullets, handcuffs, beat downs, and chokeholds like the lame stream media and race baiters have brainwashed you to believe, is it?

That's why I  have the up most respect for the men and women who suit up daily, and turn out to face the wolves. Every day they go beyond the call of duty, foregoing family and family functions, food, and sleep.

Instead of cursing cops realize one day you too will need one. Also, instead of cursing the cops, try praying for them.

Monday, January 20, 2014

OBAMA vs Martin Luther King

As usual,  please click on the following link and read the artical before reading my resulting rant.

Just in time for Martin Luther King Day. Now tell me what kind of Black role model is our POTUS?

Imagine, your children,  grandchildren or great grandchildren listening to this rubbish. You've spent most of their lives warning them against using drugs and here comes POTUS suggesting that marijuana is "no more dangerous than smoking or drinking."

"I've done it myself and look at me.... I didn't turn out so badly." I wouldn't brag about that so quickly Captain Crunch Obama.

In case you don't know it doctors have been stating that smoking marijuana is ten times worse than smoking cigarettes. Even Doctor Oz (who I believe is a quack) has come out against it! In short, not only does marijuana destroy your lungs but they also cause lesions on the brain! This is what you call healthy?

This is the last thing the American Black culture needs to incorporate! We already outnumber other races in jail, in obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, broken homes, single parent families, substance abuse, and murders. The last thing we need is our so-called Black President putting his personal stamp on marijuana usage.

If I had my druthers I'd say this is a deliberate and blatant champaign totally sedate the Black race, so we are no longer responsible human beings and citizens. Come on, think! If the pResident says smoking weed is okay, can you imagine the amount of dimwits who will first believe him, and run out buy some and toke up until their brains explode.

Thus making some of us more compliant when its time to drag our butts off to the FEMA Camps....

Oh, sorry, did I just OFFEND someone? Well, get over it! It's time to put on your adult panties and face the facts!

Number one, Obama lies worse then a warehouse full of rugs. Number two, you as a Black man or woman may have voted for Obama not once but twice because he is a Black man and he promised you "shovel ready jobs and a chicken in every pot". But, he doesn't give a rip about you and your welfare inheritance family! In fact he's using your ignorance to sell you down the river! No, Barrack Hussein Obama does NOT resemble Martin Luther King in the least!

But, I guess y'all won't believe me until the guillotine blade is at your neck. Then I pray you know Jesus Christ as your Saviour, cuz no one else can help you. In other words, your stupidity will need divine intervention......

Friday, January 10, 2014

There Are No Jobs!

I keep hearing the same mantra chanted over and over. "There is high unemployment because there are no jobs." This is what the US Government wants you to believe because their trained seals bleat it repeatedly.

They are only half right. Many have lost, been laid off or fired from their places of employment because of  Obama Administration policies and regulations.

Take Obamacare for example. It's mandates have forced employers to either reduce employee hours or jettison employees to save money and avoid fines and jail time. Worse still, businesses have been forced to close entirely. We have yet to experience the full force of this debacle called Obamacare.

Yes, I insist on calling it Obamacare because there is nothing affordable about it. Also, it's Obama's pile of poop and he should totally own it, period.

I digress....

I listen to many conservative talk shows and this week a lady (I'll name her Debbie) called and told the substitute host (sorry I didn't catch the name) that the story "that there are no jobs" was bunk.

When asked to explain Debbie told the host that she and her family owned a large farm in California.  She explained further that she was forced to depend on illegal migrant workers to pick fruit and vegetables,  because Americans refuse to do that type of work for such little wages. Debbie also stated she would gladly hire Americans but, I repeat,  "They won't do that kind of work."

When I look back in history and see what the Forefathers and Founders of this great nation went through. I mean sailing over on three creaky wooden vessels. Farming and tilling the land to grow crops. How the West was won. The Gold Rush, Daniel Boon, Louis and Ckark, Seward's Folly, etc. These were not wimpy people. They were not afraid to do back breaking work and get dirty. They were not afraid of the elements, the possibility they might get ill, killed or injured.

I'm mystified as to how our society turned from hard working people to utterly lazy sloths who expect a check from the government. Despite the fact that there are jobs available they refuse to do them.

I'm very sure Debbie's family is not the only farm family who would rather hire Americans to pick their fruit and vegetables.  It would not only help clear off the long term unemployment rolls, but will drastically cut down on the illegal immigrants which flock to this country to do jobs Americans won't do.

After all if the illegal immigrants are more than willing to leave their homes, sneak into the country to do back breaking work, to earn money to feed their families back home.... what happened to American incentive?  We don't have to climb fences and sneak accross the border, so what's our excuse?

In His Service

Friday, December 27, 2013

Spoiled Brat

Please click the link and read the following article before proceeding rant.

Oh what a sad, sad society we live in when our so-called children rebel in such a manner when they don't get what they want!

My late old school West Indian Mother and Father taught me to appreciate EVERYTHING I got. Why? Because they were a blessing from God. And even though we considered ourselves to be poor we had a lot more than some.

I found that to be especially true when I took my first mission trip to Haiti. We landed in Porta Prince which is the capital and you saw a mixture of the very wealthy and abject poverty side by side. However when we took a trip up into the mountains (by riding donkeys) we visited families who had NOTHING!

One family in particular only had the dirt hut they lived in and the clothes on their back. They didn't even possess furniture to sit or lay down on. Everything was done on the dirt floor!

Now, imagine giving this family an I-phone. It would be utterly useless to them! They would much rather have food, a few goude (Haitian currency), clothing, cookware, and some furniture. These are simple needs in comparison to our what greedy and overindulgent society wants.

As for the young man in the article, there was a time when if a kid or young adult wanted something really badly they EARNED money for it. They either had a paper route,  shoveled snow, washed dishes, raked leaves, baby sat, etc. When they had earned enough they went out and bought the item.

I've even heard a talk show host mention his first car was a beat up hulk he restored to usefulness.

Sadly today kids have no such compunction. They expect parents to pay for EVERYTHING not realizing that their parents already bought and paid for every crumb they ever ate and every stitch they ever wore, the home they live in, doctor's bills..... I guess that doesn't count when it comes to the latest electronic gizmo.

I have a friend who is a probation officer, and you know what he says about young adults like this? Once he or she had disrespected their parents to that point, they need to be put out of the home. Why? Because they will do it again and again until some gets hurt or killed. He said that because he's witnessed it many times.

I totally agree. If you are big enough to pull a knife on me you are big enough to get out on your own and find your own way. The school of hardknocks has a way of shaping up no-loads like this.

It's too bad courts don't (or can't) do what they used to back in the day. They used to put miscreants like this in the military. When and if they came back they flew straight as an arrow. Perhaps we need to return to that method.

In His Service